Women's Cricket

Keele's Women's Cricket Club was established in 2012 and continues to grow! The club welcomes students of all abilities, whether county players or complete beginners.

Women’s cricket at Keele is a small, yet friendly and enjoyable club to be a part of! We welcome everyone that is interested in the sport, no matter their skills or ability. Over the past year, we were not only successful at our BUCS competitions, but we also had a lot of fun! Socials happen on a regular basis, both on and off campus, along with various charity events. These will occasionally also be planned alongside the Men’s Cricket squad for larger events. Last year, our chosen charity was ‘Great Ormond Street Hospital’. For our charity, we arranged events such as charity cricket tournaments and food stalls in order to raise money for such a great cause. As we are a developing club, our time at BUCS last year was very successful. Many of the girls on our squad were brand new to the sport last year and over the course of a semester developed the confidence and skills to play in a competitive environment and come out on top.All of the kit will be provided by the club, so no need to worry about having kit already. We are a tight knit, warm and fun loving club that will welcome everyone into the squad and it would be great to meet some new people! 

Training Times

Monday 9.00-10.00pm

Tuesday 7.30pm-8.30pm


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