PhD Students


Student Name Research Topic

Pinar Akpinar

An emerging mediator on the periphery: Turkey's mediations in the Syrian-Israeli talks and in Somalia

Adam Balmer

The study of consciousness through scientific means, such as the neural correlates of consciousness approach

Ramatu Buba

The impact of insurgency on women and the environment in northeast Nigeria between the periods 2009-2015.

George Carpenter

Philosophy of mind and the 'hard problem' of consciousness

Arif Çelik

Turkish Foreign Policy 

Adam Duell

Local Enterprise Partnerships: Networking for Innovation and Regeneration

Moaz El Sayed

The politics of the Sunni Islam community in Lebanon

Robert Emerton

Tiananmen: Archive and Event

Charis Gerosideris

Perceptions of Climate Change as a Security Issue in the Case of Greece. An Application of Q-Methodology in Security Studies

Jonathan Head

Kant’s reflections on the topics of natural and moral evil, religious faith, and knowledge of God

Shanthi H. Hettiarachchi

Gender mainstreaming in the post-conflict reconstruction process in Sri Lanka: a critical analysis

Carys Hughes

The use of ‘a-legal space’ as a strategy to achieve social and political change

Siti Zubaidah Ismail

Parties and Federalism in Malaysia

Matt Jones

Perceptions of national identity within contemporary wars

Scott Mason

Competing imaginaries of the internet as a public space are framing negotiations over the development of internet infrastructure

Giulia Mariangela Mininni

Can sustainable energy empower women? A feminist political ecology (FPE) analysis of women-led renewable energy projects in the global south

Emma Teresa Murray

 Crimes committed by British veterans in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, and the place of the female research

Eleonora Natale

The legitimisation and memory of political violence in contemporary Argentina

Cathy Reynolds

 The Big Society's Gray Roots: Associationalism and the Baby Boomers

Adam David Swinbank

The political implications of the shift in the dominant conception of human nature from idealism to modernism for British political thought

Sarah Tiplady

Strategy Change in US Presidential Elections

Lavinia Ioana Udrea

Can a sense of moral responsibility towards nature be cultivated?

Corey Walker-Mortimer

 Urban design promotion as a form of liberal governance