Research in Politics, International Relations, and Philosophy has a long and distinguished history at Keele, dating back to the 1950s, when Professor Sammy Finer headed the Department of Politics, and Antony Flew and Ernest Teale headed the (then) two departments of Philosophy. Many distinguished scholars have worked at Keele since then, and our current research continues to follow their example. In particular, we maintain our commitment to interdisciplinary work based on joint research projects with colleagues in working in various areas of the humanities and the natural and social sciences.


Sammy Finer  Antony Flew
 Sammy Finer Antony Flew

Current research in Politics, International Relations and Philosophy is largely, though not exclusively, based on the following four research clusters of staff and students, which represent the areas of strongest collaborative teamwork within RC-SPIRE.

More information on the research and publications of individual members of staff can be found on the SPIRE staff pages. You can also check for specific areas of expertise at Keele using this guide.