Our Politics and International Relations Masters courses offer an excellent foundation for a career in a variety of sectors. They are relevant to those wishing to gain employment in the civil or government service, including the Foreign Office, the diplomatic service, and intelligence work, as well as to those wishing to work in the European Union, the UN and other international organisations. In addition, they are of great use for careers in non-state actors such as trades unions, NGOs, charities or think-tanks, in the media, and in parts of the private sector which deal frequently in an international context. Indeed, employers value an awareness of international issues and processes in their senior personnel, and the ability to live, work and trade in an increasingly international setting is becoming ever more important. Many of our Masters students have gone into careers with a distinct international aspect, such as membership of the diplomatic services and posts in international companies and international organizations.

Our Philosophy Masters courses provide students with high-level analytical and comprehension skills: key transferrable skills increasingly valued by modern employers. A postgraduate degree helps philosophy graduates set their CV apart from the crowd in an increasingly competitive graduate careers market, and our recent graduates have an excellent record of career-placement in a wide variety of occupations, such as law, computing, journalism and the civil service.

All SPIRE postgraduate students gain important subject-specific skills and knowledge, further their research and communications skills, and develop a strong aptitude for independent learning. All these skills are highly valued by employers. Moreover all of our Masters courses, especially the M.Res. and M.Phil., are a perfect preparation for students who wish to progress further in Higher Education to undertake a PhD. Many of our PhD graduates have gone on to pursue academic careers themselves, or have progressed into research work of various kinds.