Verity Tregellas - BA (Hons) Philosophy and History (2012)

Having completed the degree, I moved back home with parents (rent free and food in the fridge!) and started applying for jobs. I registered on various graduate sites such as GradSouthWest and worked with the skills I had. My plan had been to get a foot in the door and work up from there. Philosophy is held in high esteem within business because of its high level thinking and analytical skills which made answering application questions easier.

I found a job within Business Development (which at the time I had never heard of!) but the skillset was similar to what you need to be good at uni- research, analytical thinking, strong written communication etc. so I applied and was invited to interview. I was then offered the role, accepted and I moved to Wiltshire. Have been here over a year now, climbing the career ladder and am now in the process of buying my first house!

Graduated: July 2012 Started working for Aster Living as Business Development Coordinator: Sep 2012 Promoted to Interim Business Development Manager in Nov 2013.