Helen Parr - Keele World Affairs

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Posted on 31 January 2017

On 12 January 2017, Dr Helen Parr, Senior Lecturer in International Relations, also delivered a lecture to the Keele World Affairs Society on “Britain’s Military Interventions: Lessons from the Falklands and Iraq”. Her lecture draws from her current research on the social and cultural history of war, and lessons of how Britain sees itself and how they shape Britain’s role in the world. A full video of her lecture can be accessed via the Keele World Affairs website: http://www.kwaku.org.uk/Archive/Video/Helen%20Parr%20Video.html

The Keele World Affairs Society, based at Keele University, is regarded as Europe’s largest continuing educational initiative in international politics. Their annual lecture series’ welcome a wide range of distinguished speakers from across the country and around the world to address some of the leading issues of the day.