Becky Richards - Book Launch Live on Somaliland Television

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Posted on 10 February 2017

Somaliland Television Rebecca Richards – Book Launch Live on Somaliland Television! (And in Bristol)

On 21st January, Dr Rebecca Richards—lecturer in International Relations in the SPIRE—attended an event to relaunch her book, Understanding Statebuilding: Traditional Governance and the Modern State in Somaliland (Routledge, 2014). The event was sponsored by Somaliland Solidarity, a Somaliland diaspora civil society group based in Bristol and also broadcast live on Somaliland television.

Rebecca gave a talk on the benefits of Somaliland’s self-led statebuilding process, the role of

traditional authority in that process, and prospects for the future of the Somaliland state. Despite having declared independence in 1991 and having achieved long-term national security despite regional unrest, Somaliland remains unrecognised by the United Nations. The event was attended by members of the UK Somaliland diaspora community as well as activists and members of the Bristol Commonwealth Society.

At the time of its publication, Nina Caspersen of the University of York said ‘This book provides a theoretically sophisticated and empirically rich answer to the question "how did Somaliland do it?" It’s fascinating and original exploration of hybrid government, and the ways in which Somaliland reconciled domestic needs and external demands, makes it a must-read for anyone interested not only in unrecognised states but also in state-building and state formation more generally.’

You can see more about the event here.

Find out more about Rebecca’s book here.