NEW: International Governance and Public Policy

'NEW' China: Keele launches unique degree with Beijing Foreign Studies University

The BA in International Governance and Public Policy is an interdisciplinary programme combining elements of three subjects: international relations and diplomacy, international business and international law.  This combination of academic subjects enables students to understand the major political, business and legal aspects of how international processes are organised and governed.

Organised jointly by Keele and Beijing Foreign Studies University, this undergraduate degree programme offers an outstanding opportunity to study the international relations in Beijing and at Keele.  The programme provides an excellent preparation for careers in diplomacy and government, academia, business or consulting, international agencies, the media, and politics.  The programme gives students in China the opportunity achieve high-quality teaching from leading experts at both Keele and BFSU. 

This is a Dual Award programme so successful students will receive two awards; a BA (Hons) in International Governance and Public Policy from Keele University and a BA in Diplomacy from BFSU.  For Course overview details please click here.

For those students starting in September 2018 please view the Course Information Document.

Keele has long been known as a pioneering centre of International Relations scholarship.  It was one of the first universities in the UK to offer a degree in the subject in the 1970s.  By 1969, Keele University was being described as "the most original innovation in British university education in the 20th century"

Today, Keele's SPIRE (School of Politics, Philosophy, International Relations and Environment) contains one of the principal concentrations of International Relations specialists in the UK, and our current staff have internationally recognised teaching and research expertise in the areas of security studies, international history, international political economy and development, and political and IR theory.

SPIRE offers students a modern, flexible and dynamic curriculum informed by cutting-edge research, a friendly, open-minded and multidisciplinary atmosphere.

Our International Relations programme has long had leading research in Diplomacy and law, and a strong MA level programme in Diplomacy.  This new degree programme allows us to draw on that history in Diplomacy and Diplomatic Studies as we begin this new undergraduate programme.

The School of Politics, Philosophy, International Relations and Environment brings together three distinct subjects within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.  These are Politics, Philosophy and International Relations.

The founding professor, Alan James, who led Keele’s International Relations Department between 1974 and 1991, was one of the first chairs of the British International Studies Association.  Many distinguished IR scholars have worked at Keele, including Rosemary O’Kane, Andrew Linklater, Timothy Doyle, Patrick Thornberry, and Alex Danchev.

In total, SPIRE is supported by a team of seven professional service staff, has twenty-five members of teaching staff, five part-time members of staff, and a small number of Graduate Teaching Assistants who are part of our teaching team.  Twenty of our full time staff members and four of our part-time members have PhDs.  SPIRE currently has seven full professors, all of whom are part of our teaching staff.

Our graduates go on to a wide range of careers, including in business, government, diplomatic services, international organisations, and non-governmental organisations.

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