Peter Kail - Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Oxford (Philosophy and Classics 1993)

I graduated from Keele with a degree in Classics and Philosophy in 1993, having arrived in 1989 on the Foundation Year. I had messed up school, having flunked most of my O levels, dropping out at 16 to pursue, somewhat unsuccessfully, a career as a professional musician. I did a couple of A levels at night school, and fell in love with Keele on a campus visit. I had intended to read Psychology but fell in love with Philosophy having taken a history and philosophy of science subject in the Foundation Year.

I found Keele to be both a wonderfully relaxed place and incredibly stimulating. It was a truly life changing experience. I then went to Cambridge, originally to do a Ph.D in ancient philosophy but I soon switched to working on Hume. My first real job was at Edinburgh University in 2001, and, after a year in Chicago, I went to Oxford University in 2005 to become Lecturer in the History of Modern Philosophy and a Fellow of St Peter's College, where I remain to this day.