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Welcome – and congratulations on your offer to study Politics at Keele.
We’re really sorry we haven’t been able to meet you face to face at our Offer Holder Days this spring but we’re hoping you’ll find some useful information here – and that you’ll be inspired to come and join us in the autumn to get stuck into Politics.

Politics | Offer Holder Day PDF (611 KB) brochure‌‌

Do you want to change the world? If you do, then you need to know about politics. Politics in SPGS provides a challenging treatment of the ways in which modern political science and political theory have understood a range of contemporary issues and debates. We take a global approach to politics which gives students the opportunity to analyse the complex events and forces that shape our world.  One crucial feature of the world is its interconnectedness in geographical, social, economic, cultural and intellectual matters, and these connections cannot be understood without understanding the role of politics.

Our current staff have internationally recognised expertise in the areas of Comparative Politics, Parties and Elections, Policy Studies, Public Policy, Environmental Politics and Policy, and Political and International Theory.  We also specialise in the politics of a wide range of countries and regions of the world, especially Britain, the European Union, Western and Central Europe, Eurasia, the Balkans, the USA and the Middle East.

Take a look at our video presentation, which talks you through an introduction to Politics, including topics such as the programme structure, information on modules you will be studing per year and additional opportunities available to Politics students.  We hope this presentation will give you valuable insight into studying at Keele:  

Offer Holder Presentation

Try out being a Politics student:  we’ve put together a few videos for you to view, which we hope will give you a more in-depth look at our degree.
'Student choice in Politics Degrees at Keele', focuses on the wide range of choice you have in selecting what modules you want to do at Keele, and it shows where you can find further information if you want to research it further.

'Preparing to study politics'  goes through the preparation needed to begin your degree in Autumn, with lots of suggestions about what to do over the summer with sources across many different forms of media, from books to films and television to podcasts.
‘How I chose a university and why I chose Keele’ and 'Choice in the Politics degrees at Keele', are both videos made by one of our final year students to give you a sense of why Emily chose to come here and what she values about the programme. It is more of a students' view of things for a different perspective.
It’s a shame we can’t welcome you to Keele in person at the moment, but we hope these videos will give you the information you need in preparation for your studies.

To find out more information on what jobs Politics students can graduate into, then do take a look at our Future Directions flyer.

Dr Jon Parker, Senior Lecturer in Politics, UG Programme Director
Dr Elizabeth Carter, Senior Lecturer in Politics
Dr Phil Catney, Senior Lecturer in Politics
Professor Brian Doherty, Professor of Political Sociology
Dr Marit Hammond, Lecturer in Politics
Dr Jon Herbert, Senior Lecturer in Politics
Professor Robert Ladrech, Professor of European Politics
Dr Gemma Loomes, Teaching Fellow in Politics
Dr Monica Mookherjee, Senior Lecturer in Politics
Dr Matthew Wyman, Senior Lecturer in Politics

Any questions?

If you wish to chat to a member of our Politics academic staff, or just to discuss more about life at Keele in general, please click here to contact us