Discover Liberal Arts at Keele

Welcome – and congratulations on your offer to study Liberal Arts at Keele.
We’re really sorry we haven’t been able to meet you face to face at our Offer Holder Days this spring but we’re hoping you’ll find some useful information here – and that you’ll be inspired to come and join us in the autumn to get stuck into Liberal Arts.

Liberal Arts | Offer Holder Day PDF (744 KB) brochure‌‌‌

We have a long history of interdisciplinary research, teaching and learning at Keele and our inspiring degree, Liberal Arts, draws upon and builds on this heritage.  The programme is an exciting and innovative degree programme.  It offers you an all-round education, developing knowledge and skills from a range of disciplines that are applied to local, regional and global issues.

See what our Programme Director, Robert Stannard has to say about studying Liberal Arts at Keele

Take a look at our video presentation, which talks you through an intoduction to Liberal Arts, including topics such as the programme structure, information on modules you will be studying per year and additional opportunities to Liberal Arts students.  We hope this video will give you valuable insight into studying at Keele:

Offer Holder Presentation

Try out being a Liberal Arts student by viewing our video presentation of a tasty activity: What is the story, and who is telling it?

Any questions?

If you wish to chat to a member of our Liberal Arts academic staff, or just to discuss more about life at Keele in general, please click here to contact us