Research clusters

Our current research is largely, though not exclusively, based on the following research clusters of staff and students:

CREATe brings together academics and postgraduate students at Keele who do research on environmental politics with a particular focus on environmental activism and the theory and ideology behind it.

We engage in comparative, mainly empirical research into a variety of structures, processes and phenomena related to democracy, governance, political institutions, political behaviour, representation, and numerous aspects of public policy.

The home of international relations research in Keele, with particular emphases on global security, international development, and war, culture and society.

We combine a range of theoretical interests and approaches to children, parenting and families in projects that examine contemporary issues with relevance to policy and practice.

We have an extensive range of contacts with criminal justice, public sector and third sector agencies and an excellent track record of partnership working with external agencies to produce imaginative and theoretically informed research which has real world impacts and implications.

This cluster brings together academic staff and postgraduate research students from across the disciplines of sociology, geography, education, criminology, media and literary studies with a shared interest in developing theoretical, methodological and policy-relevant approaches to questions connected with cultural, political, economic and demographic change.

A platform for theoretical, analytical and normative research on political questions. The Centre is affiliated to the Keele-Oxford-St Andrews Kantian (KOSAK) Research Centre.

The Keele Forum for Philosophical Research coordinates research activities in philosophy at Keele University, including organising the Royal Institute of Philosophy Invited Lectures, Jean-Jacques Rousseau Annual Lecture and Conference, ERASMUS international exchange talks and workshops, postgraduate research seminars, reading groups, special lectures, and conferences.

The Keele-Oxford-St Andrews Kantian Research Centre (KOSAK) brings together Kantian scholars from around the world. It concentrates on research which is broadly Kantian in nature, including that which is critical of the work of Immanuel Kant.

The Britain and Europe Unit brings together researchers in politics and international relations and other academics from across Keele who focus on aspects of Britain’s relations with the EU and with other European countries, on the politics and institutions of the EU, and on British and European politics and society.

The Southeast Europe Unit was officially launched in November 1996.  Its members research various aspects of the remaking of Southeast Europe in the wake of the collapse of communism in the east, and in the context of an ongoing integration with the west.

The newest research institute in Keele, the Keele Institute for Social Inclusion aims to draw together a vibrant community of partners across sectors to tackle issues of inequality on a local, national and global scale.

Wide-ranging interdisciplinary research on climate change, environmental politics and activism, sustainability and the technology and information needed to achieve it.

Expert musicianship and thought-provoking lyrics tell the story of how we need philosophy in a world where ceaseless technological growth changes our lives in ways we may not like. Listen, read and comment on the jazz album accompanying James Tartaglia's forthcoming book.

The Roads Policing Research Group (RPRG) at Keele is an inter-disciplinary, cross-Faculty group of staff and students who are engaged in research and/or teaching that informs the understanding and delivery of policing roads.

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