Keele Philosophy launches the Jazz-Philosophy Fusion Project

James Tartaglia, Keele Professor of Metaphysical Philosophy, has recently released his new ‘JazzPhi’, a Jazz-Philosophy Fusion album called Gods and Titans, which is the first-ever musical accompaniment to a work of philosophy—his upcoming book Philosophy in a Technological World: Gods and Titans.  

The album features music from James’s five-piece band and takes inspiration from some of the greats of jazz to approach diverse ideas ranging from philosophy’s role in our world, the potential dangers of technology, and the need for truth and rationality in our so-called ‘post-truth society’. Using jazz music to explore philosophical ideas is intended to take these important and pertinent ideas to a whole new audience, who may find themselves irresistibly drawn in by the taut and thought-provoking lyrics, sung in the ‘vocalese’ style pioneered by the late, great Eddie Jefferson – as well as by James’s searing saxophone solos.

The aim of the project is to involve the listeners in philosophical thinking and this is where you come in. Each of the eight tracks on the album correspond to a chapter of Philosophy in a Technological World: Gods and Titans, and all have been released for free here. So listen to the tracks that speak to you, and let us know the impact this novel and exciting album has had on your thoughts. 

You can also find the JazzPhi Project on Facebook and Twitter.

James Tartaglia book cover for Gods and Titans

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