School Alumni Networking Event

On the afternoon of 12th February, the School of Social, Political and Global Studies (SPGS) hosted an alumni networking event for students and alumni to meet and discuss careers and employment opportunities.
Students attended a briefing session, hosted by staff from SPGS and the Careers and Employability team, which gave them advice on how to get the most out of the day.  This was followed by a networking lunch with current staff, students and alumni.  Following lunch, each alumni spoke about their life and experiences after Keele, and the group got to hear about a variety of varied career paths, including some excellent advice about how to make the most of the opportunities that a Keele degree provides.  Our current students took part in a ‘speed networking’ session with the alumni.  This involved small groups of students who had a short period of time with individual alumni to ask specific questions about their careers and experiences. 
The whole day was very much enjoyed by all and provided some fascinating insights into life after Keele.
Students who attending the event were very enthusiastic, and commented:
“The event was good and really interesting. I particularly enjoyed the speed networking section, which was quick-fire and allowed us to see what varied and different career paths had been taken.  It was also really good to have a mix of alumni, with some that graduated recently and others who graduated a few years ago, and to compare their Keele experiences”. 
“The event was incredibly helpful. I was able to gain an insight into what employers are looking for, and why I need to gain relevant work experience if I am going to pursue a career in the Civil Service. I got to meet a number of individuals who work in the Civil Service, who shared their details via LinkedIn, which should allow me to increase my networking circle”.

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