Grand Challenges lecture to honour the life of former Keele professor

Keele’s Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and the School of Social, Political and Global Sciences, will be hosting an inaugural lecture to honour the life and work of Professor Martin Dent this month.

The lecture, The Jubilee principle, Martin Dent and the ongoing global financial crisis, will be delivered by Ann Pettifor on Wednesday 13 November in the Westminster Theatre, Chancellor’s Building, at 6pm and is free to attend.

The event will centre around the global financial crisis of 2007-09, and assess what policymakers have done to fix the increasingly volatile global economy up until now and what lies ahead.

Professor Dent was a member of Keele’s School of Social, Political and Global Studies until he passed away five years ago. Professor Dent was internationally well known as the founder of the Jubilee 2000 campaign, of which Ann worked with him on, and as a result of which the debt of many third world countries was cancelled. Among the famous people who supported Professor Dent’s campaign were Gordon Brown, Muhammed Ali, Bob Geldoff, and Bono.

Ann Pettifor is best known for her prediction of the Great Financial Crisis in The Coming First World Debt Crisis. Amongst many more accolades, Ann is a Council member of the Progressive Economy Forum and Director of PRIME economics – a network of Keynesian macroeconomists. She has an honorary doctorate from the University of Newcastle for her work leading on Jubilee 2000.

Refreshments will be available from 5.30pm onwards.

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