Kyril Drezov Contributes to UK government policy

Evidence from Kyril Drezov, SPIRE lecturer in Politics and Director of the Keele South East Europe Unit has been used to formulate UK government policy on the states of the Western Balkan region. 

Mr Drezov, together with collaborators Othon Anastasakis, Senior Research Fellow, St Antony’s College, and Director of South East European Studies at Oxford, University of Oxford and Cvete Koneska, Senior Analyst at Control Risks London, submitted their report to the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee. They suggest that the UK should encourage European Union expansion in the area and could aid in the accession to the EU of states such as, Bosnia, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia by commitment to the Good Governance Fund as well as improving visa conditions for work and study for the citizens of those countries. They also commented on non-EU influence in the region, especially on the investments by Turkey and China, and on the internal political situation in the countries concerned.

The Parliamentary Report can be found here: 

View the full report from Drezov, Anastasakis and Koneska.

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