Matthew Davies - MA Diplomatic Studies (2009)

I read Psychology (single honours) at the University of Chester.  However, perhaps inevitably I came out of it with more questions about life than when I started, and a changed view of the world, and therefore less of a idea about what I wanted to do with my life. That was why I applied for an MA; I wanted a new direction, a new challenge, something completely different to my undergrad course, which had been heavily science based. For whatever reason, diplomacy appealed to me, perhaps in part due to comments made in the past to my skill at handling difficult people with politeness and courtesy.

On reflection, I think I can safely say that this has been the happiest academic year I've had so far. Everything seems to have slotted into place. I have found subjects I enjoy and can really examine. I just feel really fulfilled by the course. Should I find a PhD course which equally captures my imagination I'd be happy to further my academic career, but for the moment I feel that a job in the 'real world' beckons.

I feel the same affinity for Keele. It is an incredibly infectious campus. The ethos seems quite different to other universities I've been to. I think it is that community atmosphere, and I am loath to leave, I really don't think a year is long enough, especially with all the new friends I've made (working at the union bar, and also on my course).

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