Jo Lea - BA (Hons) Politics (2014)

I joined SPGS in 2011, starting a single honours Politics degree at my insurance choice university. It should have been my first choice. I can’t imagine having studied anywhere else. Keele and SPGS have made my undergraduate degree the best three years of my life, so much so that I chose to stay on for postgraduate study.

Keele sells itself as a beautiful, community-orientated, campus university. SPGS is its own small community inside the “Keele Bubble”. This SPGS community is so easily achieved because the academics (who are active, up-to-the-minute, members/leaders in their respective fields) actually conduct undergraduate seminars in addition to lectures. By the end of my first few weeks I had made the transition from the standard Sixth Form “Sir/Miss”, to being on first name terms with the lecturers. Most importantly, they all made the effort to learn our names too! All of the teaching staff make a point of being available to their students, with frequent office hours, speedy email replies and the occasional chat in the queue for coffee! The availability of staff was invaluable for all of us, but especially those of us who like to chat!

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