Nick Venables - BA (Hons) Philosophy and Politics (2014)

When I started philosophy at Keele I had no idea what to expect. I had never studied philosophy before and didn’t know the first thing about any of it. What I quickly discovered however is that Keele’s philosophy department greets any and all students, no matter what level of prior knowledge, with a warm welcome. The first semester was a learning curve but with the help and support of the academics of the department it wasn’t long before I was up to speed. Lectures and seminars are at the same time interesting, challenging but also accessible. Assessments are clear and often enjoyable.

I cannot recommend the study of philosophy enough. From that first moment when you really ‘get’ the subject it only leaves you wanting more. The subject is interesting and enjoyable while also being one of the few non-vocational courses to directly teach you important skills that employers look for such as analysis, communication and argumentation.

Keele is a fantastic place to study philosophy. Lively seminars, interesting assessments and a brilliant community of students and academics alike all help to give Keele its unique, friendly atmosphere; making it an excellent choice of University. The student-led Philosophy Society is a great opportunity to meet, talk philosophy and ultimately have fun with like-minded individuals.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time studying philosophy at Keele and have made great friendships. It is a testament to Keele that in the three short years I have been there I have gone from somebody who couldn’t tell their Nietzsche from their Nozick to somebody applying to study a Masters in the subject.

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