Matthew Panchal - BSc (Hons) Maths and Philosophy (2014)

The course itself is broad in terms of the content of available modules and, should you show the aptitude, you can do your dissertation on almost any philosophy related topic. However, this I suppose must be true of any great university philosophy course. What has really made my time at Keele so amazing, and what, beyond any doubt, raises philosophy at Keele to such heights in my estimations are the lecturers.

The lecturers at Keele are an incredible group of people who all clearly take great delight in both teaching and continuing to research their chosen fields. However, what I believe makes them so outstanding is not their subject knowledge or enthusiasm but rather their absolute humility and down to earth perception of their roles within the subject and the university.

Amongst the philosophy lecturers at Keele you will find no intellectual snobbery, no chips on shoulders, no arrogance, and no egos that demand your respect simply because of age or papers published. What you will find are lecturers who earn your respect through engaging lectures, seemingly infinite patience, humility and a reassuringly real world view of the subject that you will undoubtedly come to love, if you did not already.

Having done three years of philosophy I can say, hands down, that it is not the great philosophers and their texts that make a philosophy course something you remember or treasure for the rest of your life, neither is it the potential breadth of the modules you study. No, it is the individuals who you see on a daily basis, who stand at the front of the lecture theatre or sit with you for an hour or more in their office that truly leave lasting impressions. That is why it is the lecturers that make a philosophy course great, and that in turn is why the philosophy course at Keele is, as far as I am concerned, the best.

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