Amy Zile - BSc (Hons) Philosophy and Psychology (2014)

Studying philosophy at Keele has given me a great overview of philosophy, the changes in philosophical thoughts & arguments, and definitely given me a deeper understanding of life in general!

Alongside the employability skills that philosophy provides you with, the ability to criticise and consider arguments is invaluable, and the small class sizes make understanding the more complex arguments a lot easier!

The opportunity to write a philosophy dissertation combines your research, analytical and writing skills, and gives you scope to delve into whichever philosophical realm interests/ excites you the most - I love metaphysics and my philosophy dissertation on 'the Unreality of Time' was my favourite piece of work I did in my entire degree!

It's great being able to study something so interesting, with the fantastic support provided by the staff here, and Keele's philosophy society is a great way to learn more about philosophy, debate concepts and ideas and make friends for life! I'd definitely recommend taking philosophy if you can - not only is it interesting, it can be fun as well! Love:Philosophy.

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