Philosophy student stories

Christina Sutcliffe

"I began unsure but left confident. A big thank-you to the philosophy department of Keele!"

Christina Sutcliffe - BA (Hons) Philosophy and English (2015)

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Nick Venables

"The first semester was a learning curve but with the help and support of the academics of the department it wasn’t long before I was up to speed."

Nick Venables - BA (Hons) Philosophy and Politics (2014)

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Matthew Panchal

"The lecturers at Keele are an incredible group of people who all clearly take great delight in both teaching and continuing to research their chosen fields."

Matthew Panchal - BSc (Hons) Maths and Philosophy (2014)

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Aaran Burns

"What I found best about Philosophy was that it raised possibilities that I had never even thought about and forced me to seriously consider whether they are true. It’s an eye opener."

Aaran Burns - BA (Hons) Philosophy with Psychology (2014)

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Elena Nethercott

"As a recent graduate from Keele studying Mathematics and Philosophy I can say that studying Philosophy here has been one of my most enjoyable experiences."

Elena Nethercott - BA (Hons) Maths and Philosophy (2014)

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Amy Zile

"Studying philosophy at Keele has given me a great overview of philosophy, the changes in philosophical thoughts & arguments, and definitely given me a deeper understanding of life in general!"

Amy Zile - BSc (Hons) Philosophy and Psychology (2014)

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