Sophie Oulton - BA (Hons) International Relations and Philosophy (2016)

I graduated from Keele University in 2016, with a 2:1 in International Relations and Philosophy. I then went on to do a Masters at The University of Leeds in Global Development. I am now on a year long internship/gap year opportunity with the international development agency CAFOD.

Throughout my time at Keele I had taken more of an interest in the International Relations side of study, leading me to choose modules in this area as opposed to Philosophical ones, in my final year. I became particularly engrossed in the relations between developed and developing countries, which then led me to write my dissertation on the failings of state to state aid. Half way through third year I decided to pursue a masters to learn about this topic further.

I successfully applied to Leeds University to study Global Development, which I completed in 2017. My interest, fuelled by my studies, in global development, led me to volunteer during my masters year for the international development agency CAFOD. From there I heard about the one year Youth Development programme offered by CAFOD for 18-30 year olds.

I am now on the programme, where I am placed at Leeds Trinity University. My current position centres around working with the students on welfare, student experience and social injustice issues. Within the wider community I go into schools in the local area to tell them about CAFOD’s work overseas and where their funding goes to. I have recently returned from a 3 week visit to El Salvador and Nicaragua, where I was observing the work CAFOD does, gathering information for CAFOD’s databases, and interviewing individuals who have been working with CAFOD’s partners.

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