Do you want to change the world? If you do, then you need to know about politics. Politics in SPGS provides a challenging treatment of the ways in which modern political science and political theory have understood a range of contemporary issues and debates. We take a global approach to politics which gives students the opportunity to analyse the complex events and forces that shape our world.  One crucial feature of the world is its interconnectedness in geographical, social, economic, cultural and intellectual matters, and these connections cannot be understood without understanding the role of politics.

Keele University has a longstanding reputation as one of the foremost centres for political studies in the country.  Many distinguished political scientists have worked at Keele since the 1950s, making significant contributions to our understanding of modern politics; these include Samuel Finer, Jean Blondel, Hugh Berrington and Jack Hayward. SPGS itself was founded by some of the best known political scientists in the UK and Europe, and its international reputation continues to attract researchers and students of the highest calibre.

Our current staff have internationally recognised expertise in the areas of Comparative Politics, Parties and Elections, Policy Studies, Public Policy, Environmental Politics and Policy, and Political and International Theory.  We also specialise in the politics of a wide range of countries and regions of the world, especially Britain, the European Union, Western and Central Europe, Eurasia, the Balkans, the USA and the Middle East.

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