What is the ultimate nature of reality? Can we achieve knowledge? What is the relation between consciousness, thought, and the brain? How should we conduct our lives and organise society?

These, and many other, large-scale questions are the concern of philosophy. They were first systematically raised in Ancient Greece, India and China, and they continue to be discussed to this day because of their perennial relevance and intrinsic interest.

Keele Philosophy has enjoyed a strong reputation since the 1950s, with well-known Keele philosophers including Antony Flew, Richard Swinburne, Jonathan Dancy, and many others. Today it remains a strongly research-led programme but with a friendly and easygoing environment offering a philosophy degree course which includes analytic, continental and world philosophy.

Students have the opportunity to engage with the cutting-edge ideas from Universities all around the world though our regular Royal Institute of Philosophy Lectures, in which leading philosophers are invited to Keele to talk about their latest work, as well as through our annual Jean-Jacques Rousseau Lecture, annual conference and various other specialist research events held throughout the year.

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