Social Work Law @ Keele
A National Forum for academics, practitioners and policy makers

Social Work Law @Keele was established in 2014, following a longstanding and successful relationship between social work and law colleagues at Keele.  Its core objectives are:

  • To bring together interdisciplinary perspectives on the study and practice of social work law.
  • To inform/build local, national and international collaborations for the comparative study of social work law.
  • To develop effective networks to inform policy practice and academic debates, and promote research collaboration and teaching excellence.
  • To disseminate research findings to social work practitioners and educators. 

If you have any queries or need further information, please contact either:

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Dr. Jane Boylan

Senior Lecturer
CBC0.030, Chancellor's Building
01782 733895
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Alison Brammer

Senior Lecturer
CBC1.024, Chancellor's Building
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MA in Child Care Law & Practice

The MA in Childcare Law and Practice is a popular and successful course. It provides flexible learning via block attendance and a significant period of individual research. It is taught jointly by members of the School of Law and the School of Public Policy and Professional Practice as an interdisciplinary course and attracts students from a wide variety of professional backgrounds. The course is specially designed so that it may be taken by those who are in full-time employment. The course content reflects developments and current debates in childcare law and practice. Modules include: Foundations and Principles in Child Care Law and Practice; Contemporary Issues; Children and Medicine; Education; Youth Justice and Looked After Children.

Course Director: Alison Brammer

Social Work Link Person/Co-ordinator:

"The programme is one that Keele University should be hugely proud of, it was and remains a national leader in the field." - External Examiner

"The students are encouraged to reflect on their practice and to explore the dilemmas of applying the law in practice within a value base that challenges oppression and discrimination. The strengths of this course are considerable and unique in this respect." - External Examiner

MA in Safeguarding Adults: Law, Policy and Practice

The MA in safeguarding Adults: Law, Policy and Practice, is a new course introduced in 2011. It offers an exciting opportunity to study safeguarding adults in the interdisciplinary context of law, policy, practice and ethics.  It will utilise a variety of theoretical perspectives in order to interrogate case law, statute and law reform processes, policy documents, work practices, guidance and research.

The course is taught in blocks of study with intervening web based support enabling those in employment to study on a part-time, flexible basis. Modules include the Emergence of Adult safeguarding; Interventions; Mental capacity and Safeguarding and Carers. From 2015 the Best Interests Assessor Award may be taken in place of the Mental Capacity module.

 "The focus of this course on the practical issues faced by those dealing with vulnerable adults, while requiring a detailed understanding of the law means that the course is academically rigorous, while being of considerable practical value." - External Examiner

Course Director: Alison Brammer

The Safeguarding MA includes the Best Interests Assessor Award. 

BA and MA Social Work

At Keele, we provide high quality social work education, grounded in research, that is highly relevant for professional practice in the current world. We offer programmes at undergraduate, post-graduate and doctoral levels in a friendly environment. Research, knowledge creation and engagement with regional, national and international communities are central to our approach. Social Work Law is a major component of these programmes. The Director of Social Work programmes is Prof. Mo Ray.

Details of the courses we offer can be found below:


  • Alison and Jane co-authored the first CPD Curriculum Guide for Social Workers for the College of Social Work.

  • It is possible to choose modules from the MA in Child Care Law and Practice and the MA Safeguarding Adults: Law Policy and Practice, for CPD purposes on a free standing basis. Upon satisfactory completion of assessment (optional, CPD may be attendnadnace only) 30 M Level credits are awarded. Our courses are accredited by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and Bar Standards Board for CPD purposes.
  • We also offer a range of expertise and a flexible approach to bespoke training across social care law topics including: Safeguarding Adults; the Care Act 2014; the Mental Capacity Act 2005; Child Protection; Adoption and Fostering; Court Skills; Record Keeping and Information Sharing. We can deliver bespoke training at keele or on site at your own facilities.
  • A new Best Interest Assessor Award has been established commencing June 2015. This course provides the necessary training to equip practitioners for the role of Best Interests Assessor. It is delivered on a block basis at Keele with an additional shadowing requirement. The course also carries 30 m Level credits and may be taken within a full MA programme. For more information see - link