Keele Institute for Social Inclusion launch

Keele University has launched a new research Institute to tackle the issues of social inequality on a local, national and global scale.

The Keele Institute for Social Inclusion brings together a vibrant community of academic researchers and external partners, who will work collaboratively to tackle issues including food poverty, educational exclusion, mental health, cultural regeneration and community resilience. The Institute’s work will seek to identify, explain and overcome specific social, economic and cultural obstacles to social inclusion, in order to help people realise their full potential.

Partners and representatives from organisations from across the West Midlands attended the launch of the Institute at an event at Keele University this week, where academics, practitioners and professionals explored the themes that the Institute will tackle.

Professor Derek McGhee, Director of the Keele Institute for Social Inclusion, commented:

“Our work will respond to the need for inclusion and respect for all, in particular those groups and people who have been disempowered, marginalised or underrepresented. Achieving a greater degree of social inclusion is of critical importance to the development of just, integrated, diverse, cohesive and thriving societies in an increasingly interdependent world. Our aim is to work with external partners to address those social harms that cause people to be unnecessarily constrained in realising their full potential. We want our research to be of value to partners working in this area, and we welcome the insights and knowledge that external partners can bring.”

Launch event photos.

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