CASIC researchers strengthen links with The International Federation of the Red Cross and Cresent Societies (IFRC)

On 9-10 May, 2018, a delegation of senior representatives from the IFRC (Geneva) visited Keele University and New Vic Theatre to explore ways of enhancing existing research links between CASIC and the Red Cross.

Funded by a KISI’s social inclusion award, the visit included a series of meetings and a one day Cultural Animation workshop on how organisations learn from volunteers, which was facilitated by Sue Moffat, director of New Vic Borderlines. The workshops attracted volunteers from many local organisations who were eager to share their experiences of volunteering with IFRC. The award is led by Professor Mihaela Kelemen (KMS) and Emee Estacio (School of Phsychology) and benefited also from the participation of Professor Matt Baillie Smith (Director of Centre for International Development at Northumbria University) and Veronique Jochum, Head of Research at the National Council for Voluntary Organisations.