Rebecca Walton, Forensic Science and Criminology (2011-2014)

I chose to study at Keele for many reasons, but particularly because the course and career prospects are the best in the UK. Not only that but the course looked to be both educational and fun! I loved learning how to use and understand all the amazing analytical equipment. It was incredibly fun learning how to analyse evidence and the course had the perfect balance of allowing the theoretical knowledge support and inform the practical skills gained.

The academic support received from the entire forensic course staff was amazing. If I had any areas I was struggling with they would go out of their way to help and support me. Through the amazing help and feedback, I just kept getting better and better year on year. I would not be in the fantastic job I am now without the forensic science course at Keele. I felt fully prepared and confidant to take the leap into a forensic science career, and because of Keele I get to enjoy working in a lab and putting my skills to work for the criminal justice system every day.

Rebecca Walton, Forensic Science and Criminology
Current employment: Forensic Examiner at Eurofins Forensic Services in Marks and Traces