Nikita Chudasama, MSci Forensic and Analytical Investigation (2015-2019)

There were a few reasons that made me choose to study forensic science at Keele, such as the extras that were packed into the course including the use of the crime scene house and the numerous guest lecturers that were planned throughout the course.

When I came for the open days, the lecturers were really friendly, welcoming and passionate about their interests within the field. The course information looked interesting and I was also able to read past student testimonials which were very positive and encouraging.

Upon starting the course there was lots of support from lecturers, who would set up workshops for extra help, as well as other Keele staff. There was always someone to go to no matter the problem.

The library is a must-go area with more books than you can imagine. If you choose to do a master’s degree there is also a designated room with computers, making it easier to do work during busier times of the year.

Keele has given me a great start with my career, helping with writing CV’s and applying for jobs. On the course, lecturers were very happy to tell us about their career journeys and the best ‘first jobs’ to start your career. All-in-all Keele is a stunning university with a fantastic forensics course and lots to do outside of lecturers.

Nikita Chudasama, MSci Forensic and Analytical Investigation
Current employment: Casework Support Officer at Eurofins Forensic Services