Mitchell Challinor, Second year BSc Physics

Hello, I am Mitchell, a second year physicist at Keele and when I say second year.

One thing I particularly enjoyed was the introduction of a new module, which was the Applied Physics and Emerging Technologies module. As a Physicist who came into it less for the pure study of physics and wanted to end up in industry, possibly with the Ministry of Defense or the military, on the engineering side of things, that was a really enjoyable module for me because I was really interested in the application of the physics that I had learned to real world problems whether it is the really large scale engineering, the cool stuff like nuclear reactors out there in the world that are doing a really important job, or the application of physics in medicine like we covered in the radiation physics module this year, which was also an awful lot of fun.

I think including modules like this, the modules that show how the physics we learn and the basic skills of the learner are applied out in the world, are really beneficial to our degree level education as physicists.

Mitchell Challinor, Second year BSc Physics