Amy Wilde, Second year BSc Physics with Astrophysics

I am Amy, a second year Physics and Astrophysics student and I think one of the most useful resources for me at Keele has been the problem classes that we have. It is a really good opportunity to work with our peers on the sort of practical applications behind some of the theory that we learn in lectures, but also we have staff available in the room, whether that be PhD students or lecturers, and we can ask them and we are actively encouraged to ask them questions, which is really helpful when you are trying to get a deeper understanding of some of the physical problems in front of you.

The important thing as well is that this level of support is available throughout Keele and the Physics department have an open door policy so you are actively encouraged to go to your lecturers if you have got any issues, whether it be academic or personal and they will always be there to help if they can.

Amy Wilde, Second year BSc Physics with Astrophysics