Welcome to Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry at Keele

This page has been set up to help you prepare for the start of your degree course at Keele, but if there are any issues that are not addressed then please do not hesitate to contact Dr Arumugam Mahendrasingam by phone or e-mail.

To ensure that you have full details of your timetable and other course information, it is essential that you attend the events detailed below. These events will take place in the Lennard-Jones Laboratories. You can download and print a Keele University colour campus guide to help you find your way around. The Lennard-Jones laboratories are located in square G7.

Keele University Welcome Web contains more general information regarding pre-arrival, registration with the university, events and accommodation.

On behalf of my colleagues, and myself I would like to welcome you to Keele and to the School of Chemical and Physical Sciences. I hope that you will enjoy your time studying physics or astrophysics with us at Keele and I can assure you that the staff will do all they can to make your time here successful and rewarding.

Best wishes

Dr Arumugam Mahendrasingam

Two textbooks in particular provide an essential basis for large parts of the whole first year in all Combined Honours and Single Honours courses:

In Semester 2, one of the modules in common to all Physics, Astrophysics, Combined Honours and Single Honours programmes additionally uses

Finally, if you are studying either Combined Honours Astrophysics or Single Honours Physics with Astrophysics, there is a further basic text in Semester 2:

  • Fundamental Astronomyby H. Karttunen, P. Kroger, H. Oja, M. Poutanen & K. Donner (Springer-Verlag, 2017; 6th ed., ISBN 978-3662530443)

You will of course need to supplement these texts by consulting other sources in the University Library and the web, and you will need other texts later in your course.

Although your A-levels and other pre-university courses are behind you, study of physics and associated mathematics is not! You will probably find it useful to bring your notes and any texts you may have with you to Keele.


You will have heard from the University already about general arrangements for your arrival, registration with the University and locating your accommodation.  If you have any queries you should refer initially to the Keele University Welcome Web.

You must also register as a Physics or Astrophysics student within the School. To do this you should visit the teaching laboratory within the Lennard-Jones Building LJ1.17 (G7, on the Keele University colour campus map and guide which will be signposted), sometime between 12:00 and 13:00 on Monday 24th September. Note that it is essential you enrol with the University before registering with the department.  You will normally have done this on Saturday 22nd September.

Introductory Session

There will be an introductory talk on the Physics and the Astrophysics courses, with an opportunity for questions, at 13.00 on Monday 24th September, in the Lennard-Jones Building room LJ1.75 (G7, on the Campus Map, which will be signposted).

University computer account

You will find your username and password for use on the University computer in your Keele introductory pack. During your course information about modules etc. may be sent to you by email, so you should get used to using this facility at the earliest opportunity.

If you need further information, please feel free to contact Dr Arumugam Mahendrasingam (Course Director for Physics and Astrophysics, Tel: (+44) (0) 1782 733312, Room: LJ 1.04, a.mahendrasingam@keele.ac.uk)

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