Seminar series

The North Staffordshire local section of the Royal Society of Chemistry covers all costs associated with our external speakers. We are very grateful to the committee of the local RSC section for their support in creating a vibrant research seminar series.

Lennard-Jones LJ 1.75

Spring 2019




27 March | 2pm

Prof Sijbern Otto (University of Groningen, The Netherlands)

Systems Chemistry: from self-replication towards de-novo life

27 March | 3pm

Dr Carol Crean (Surrey University)


27 March | 3:30pm

Dr Charlene Greenwood (Keele University)


27 March | 4pm

coffee, biscuits, and networking


1 May | 2pm

Dr Daniel Allwood (Sheffield Hallam University)

New Methods for the Synthesis of 3D Drug-like Compounds

1 May | 3pm

Dr Patricia Ragazzon (Keele University)

Generation and testing of a new bio-therapeutic candidate aptamer towards SIRT 1 for anticancer therapy 

1 May | 3:30pm

Ms Mary-Jane Harding (Cranfield University)

Fatal fires, and the effect of heat on the human body

1 May | 4pm

coffee, biscuits, and networking