Lennard-Jones Laboratories

The Lennard-Jones Laboratories are centrally located on the campus and within easy walking distance of all the facilities provided. Many students choose to spend most of their day in Lennard-Jones, making use of the computer classroom and other rooms available for student study.

We have excellent teaching laboratories with synthetic and analytical space, all of which have been built or refurbished in recent years. Year 1 and 2 Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry laboratory classes are held in our multi-user teaching laboratory complete with state-of-the-art analytical instruments for student use. You will use a variety of analytical instruments including UV-Visible, Infrared and NMR spectroscopy during Years 1 and 2. You also have access to X-ray diffraction, and various mass spectrometers and chromatography instruments in Year 2 as part of the Spectroscopy and Analysis module.

In 2016 the Year 3 research projects laboratory was refurbished, additional fume-cupboards added and the laboratory
re-equipped. Students use instrumentation throughout the building in both the teaching and research laboratories, including the catalysis rigs, microwave reactors, high resolution mass spectrometers and Raman microscopes.

Opening in 2019

As part of a £45M investment into science teaching, the Central Teaching Laboratories are currently being constructed which are integrated into the Lennard-Jones Laboratories. These will further enhance our chemistry laboratory facilities creating a new synthetic laboratory containing 35 fumehoods, and a large teaching laboratory for 70 students. As part of this programme a repurposing of the Lennard-Jones facilities is also being undertaken to further enhance our research facilities.

360° Lennard Jones Laboratory

Take a 360° tour of our new Chemistry Lab facilities with Dr Richard Darton and our 3rd year Chemistry students.