Innovation in Teaching

The Keele Chemistry courses are renowned for their innovation and novel ways of teaching both experimental and theoretical chemistry.  All of these innovations are designed so that you can learn in the best way suited to you and in as flexible way as possible. Highlighted here are just some of the teaching techniques you will encounter here at Keele.

Sometimes it is difficult to see how some problems have been marked and where you have lost marks. In Purple Pens sessions staff mark work in front of the whole class so you can see where you went wrong and make your own corrections – using your purple pen to distinguish from your answers!

Pioneered here at Keele screencasts are short edited videos which address specific topics in chemistry. These are available 24/7 through our online learning environment, the KLE. So if you are stuck in your room trying to figure out a problem late at night, then one of our screencasts will be there to help you with your understanding. Sometimes screencasts are also used as pre-class preparation to give you a fundamental understanding or a particular topic.

Sometimes it is easier to see where you are going wrong by giving feedback on somebody else’s work. Throughout our courses we have built in assessment feedback loops which include anonymous peer to peer feedback, self-assessment, individual feedback from staff and whole class feedback so that you can improve the work you are submitting and ensuring that you understand the assessment criteria.

Our teaching programmes are designed so that the material presented is shaped by the cutting edge research being developed here at Keele. All final year students are given the opportunity to engage in a research project.

In your working life you will have to present work to a range of different ways to audiences with diverse background. For example you might need to give a talk, pitch and idea, produce a poster, write a report and be questioned on it by a panel of experts. All of these and more are embedded into your assessments at Keele.

Chemistry - External Examiner's Quote

Chemistry at Keele is recognised externally for their excellent initiatives in teaching and learning. It was clear from my examination of topics taught, the learning environment, and talking to students, that the teaching staff here go to extraordinary lengths to ensure excellence in their programmes.

External Examiner's Quote

As part of Keele’s commitment to green technology and sustainability we have embedded sustainable chemistry within our courses so that our students understand the impact we make on the planet and how chemistry can help minimise this.

Many of our lectures are recorded. So say you are revising a topic and you can’t understand your own notes then you can access the lecture capture and replay that moment.

Laboratory experiments are based directly on real life contexts or theories discussed in lectures and help students develop skills in handling complex data as well as key chemical techniques.

Designed so that you get the most out of the time you spend in the laboratory, these prelabs help you work through the theory, data handling and practical techniques required to undertake the experiments successfully.

There is a lot to learn in the lab. Our first year laboratory course has been designed to provide a progressive introduction into practical chemistry, how to use equipment and design experiments. Each semester there is a practical exam to test you on the skills you have acquired.