I obtained my degree in chemistry and physics in 2007 from Keele University, where I remained to complete my PhD under the supervision of Dr Arumugam Mahendrasingam in a collaborative project between Keele and Nestlé, entitled “Polymorphic transitions in cocoa butter studied by time-resolved small-angle and wide-angle x-ray scattering using synchrotron radiation”. I was appointed as a teaching fellow in Physics at Keele in August 2015 and became a lecturer in 2019.

Research and scholarship

My research interests are primarily in the use of high intensity x-rays from synchrotron sources to study structural changes in materials, particularly the crystallisation and polymorphic behaviour of cocoa butter and other fats, which is crucial in the production of high quality chocolate confectionery.


Physics and Astrophysics Level 4 Mathematics
Physics and Astrophysics Laboratory Level 4 Semester 1

Physics Laboratory Level 4 Semester  2  
PHY-10031 - Instrumentation Physics (Module leader)

Optics Laboratory Level 5 (Module leader)
PHY-20029 - Radiation Physics (Module leader)
PHY-30007 - Physics Project

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