Khalid Ahmad Khattak is a PhD researcher at the School of Computing and Mathematics, Keele University. His research is about “Wearable Health Technology Evaluation” and is under the supervision of Dr Sandra I. Woolley and Dr Ed de Quincey. He obtained his MSc degree in Computer Science from the School of Computer Science (2016) at the University of Birmingham, UK.  He received his B.Eng degree in Computer Systems Engineering with Business Management (2013) from the School of Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering (formally known as Electronic, Electrical and Computing Engineering) at the University of Birmingham, UK.  He studied Foundation Year in Engineering (2007) at Coventry University, UK and BSc (part-I) Mathematics and Physics (2005) (from F.G College for Boys, Peshawar) at the University of Peshawar, Pakistan.

He has been delivering demonstration work in labs for different modules since January 2020 at Keele University. He has also been teaching GCSE Mathematics to under privileged students through the charity, Action Tutoring, Since September 2019. He was a Teaching Associate at the University of Birmingham, UK, from 2014 to 2019.  He was a Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) from November 2015 to September 2016 and worked as a Healthcare Support Worker from 2007 to 2015 with NHS England.

School of Computing and Mathematics
Keele University