Applied Mathematics

We carry out research in fluid dynamics and acoustics; solid dynamics and elasticity; biomechanics; and asymptotic methods.

Research Overview

A unifying theme of our research is the theory of waves and stability in continuous media. This theory is of fundamental importance both in the development of new mathematical methods, and in explaining the world around us.

Research areas:

Fluid Dynamics and Acoustics

The research in this area is concentrated on the following topics:

  • Aeroengine and submarine noise
  • Waves and instabilities in boundary layers on aircraft wings
  • Fingering instabilities in thin film flows
  • Tsunamis and other giant waves
  •  Applications of fluid dynamics to geophysics, especially the atmosphere and oceans, and vocanic lava flows

Academic sta ff working in this area are Professor C. J. Chapman, Professor J. J. Healey, Dr S. Naire, and Professor V. I. Shrira, together with the post doctoral researcher Dr S. Annenkov.

Theoretical Solid Mechanics

The research includes the following topics:

  • Elastic waves and vibrations in waveguides
  • The mathematical theory of nonlinear elasticity
  • Structural vibrations induced by fluid flow
  • The mathematics of thin elastic layers
  • Ground vibrations produced by high-speed trains
  • Waves in multi-layered elastic media

Academic staff working in this area are Professor C. J. Chapman, Professor Y. Fu, Professor J. D. Kaplunov, Dr D. Prikazchikov, and Professor G. A.Rogerson.

Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering

The research in this area is focused on the following topics:

  • Manipulation of stem cells
  • Aneurysm ruptures in arteries
  • Physiological flow in the lungs
  • Tissue engineering and regenerative medecine

Academic staff working in this area are Professor Y. Fu and Dr S. Naire.