Systems and Usability Engineering

Systems and Usability Engineering

Wearable Technologies and Health Informatics

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There are many opportunities and challenges associated with pervasive and wearable technologies for patient monitoring, and for health and well-being in general. We research and design systems for patient monitoring and health management. Our projects include clinical collaborations on prototype systems for 24-hour patient monitoring that perform multi-modal patient sensing, including physiological sensing, actigraphy and ambient sensing. We also acquire and quantify subjective reports, and we perform data and visual analytics on the combined datasets.  Our projects also include clinical collaborations on a smartphone and wireless sensing system, AllergiSense, that supports people with anaphylaxis management and provides feedback on their autoinjector training to improve their preparedness in the event of a life-threatening allergic reaction.


We research in the potential uses of Social Media tools for Learning and Teaching. Related to this research, we are part of the Greenwich Connect Project and chaired a group that produced a Social Media policy for lecturers at the University of Greenwich. We also investigate methods for teaching programming at all levels of education and the potential of Learning Analytics within HE.