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Hack Keele logo Hack Keele is FREE and open to everyone! We’re a society for Computer Science students and tech-minded individuals to meet up, learn, and create the future of technology. We hold weekly sessions in the labs – where we get together and share our personal ideas, projects, and experiences. We have a broad spectrum of experience across the society, ranging from Artificial Intelligence to Ethical Hacking.

Hack Keele encourages personal development, to improve members CVs and in-turn, future careers prospects. Active members attract attention from potential employers at hackathons and CTFs.

Hack society



Hack society You'll gain more practical coding experience in one hackathon than from a month of lectures. Hackathons provide a real-world experience, working in teams to learn new skills and create new products. When you work with others, you’ll pick up so many new tips and tricks. These are all skills which can make you a better developer and help you get a job/internship. 

Hackathons are like career fairs on steroids. If you’re looking for an internship or a job in the tech industry, guess where companies are recruiting? At hackathons of course! 

As well as holding Keele’s very own 24hr Hackathon – Members also attend numerous other university hackathons across the country each year, such as HackNotts (Nottingham), HackSheffield (Sheffield), and HackCity (London).

Cyber security

Hack society Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions allow inquisitive individuals to hone their hacking skills in an ethical environment. If you enjoy a good puzzle and have a head for problem-solving – the challenges posed at CTF events will be a good fit for you! 

Hack Keele meet regularly to practice for CTF events by developing skills in Networking, Encoding, Encryption, and Penetration Testing. Members have previously qualified and attended Cyber Security Challenge UK Face to Face competitions.


 workshops Hack Keele hold various events and workshops – Each designed to build upon the fundamentals of what is taught at Keele University, allowing members the opportunity to gain practical experience, and further develop their interests. 

Some of the most popular workshops in the recent year have been ‘Hacking with Amazon Alexa’, ‘Intro to Docker’ and ‘Build and Deploy Your First Website’.


More information

If you’d like to join us at Hack Keele, visit and complete your registration.
Facebook: Hack Keele
Twitter: @hackkeele

Our EGM will include voting for unelected committee positions as well as holding a forum for ideas for what the society should do next. 

KMS logo Keele Maths Society is a fun and friendly group for anyone who studies or is interested in Mathematics.

Maths Soc is a great way to meet people on your course all the way up from 1st to 3rd year (maybe 4th). We're planning on running social and fundraising events, as well as trips out - what better reward could there be for racing that last assignment? This, of course, all leads up to our End of Year Ball which is a wonderful way to round off the year. Along with all the fun and games, we'll be offering study sessions (hopefully with tea and cake) to help you keep on track.

You'll usually be able to find at least one member of the committee in the Maths Workroom (AKA Mac 2.42 - near the lift) or a very knowledgeable 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th year if you have any questions. The workroom is where we'll be running sales for hoodies, any trips out, and of course tickets for our End of Year Ball.

For more information and how to join please see our information on the SU society page here.

You can also email us on

Athena Swan