About us

Keele University was founded in 1949, dedicated to a broad curriculum and interdisciplinary study and has pioneered the dual honours degree in Britain. The University occupies a 617 acre rural campus and now houses a Science Park with numerous computing and mathematics related companies and an award winning conference centre. Computing and Mathematics are well established disciplines at the University.


The Mathematics department has around twenty academic staff, specialising in a wide variety of branches of mathematics, together with a number of postgraduate students and researchers.

Over the years we have prided ourselves on providing a friendly and supportive environment for students. In particular, by the end of your degree, you should feel that you know the staff well and that they know you.

Understandably, many students regard the transition from A-level to university mathematics with some trepidation. On the one hand this is a healthy attitude: University mathematics is conceptually stretching and presents many challenges.

On the other hand, however, we recognise the need for making this transition as smooth as possible, and to this end we have:

  • a very carefully designed first year curriculum;
  • a multi-layered student support structure;
  • rapid feedback on coursework;
  • considerable experience in teaching, examining and moderating A-level Mathematics and Further Mathematics, and in school/college liaison.

There is also an active Student-Staff Voice Committee.

Our mathematicians are involved in a variety of pure, applied and statistical research projects. This research work is of high repute, as witnessed by the latest external assessment of research, and invigorates our teaching. We aspire to pass on that enthusiasm for mathematics to our students.

For any enquiries please contact scm.admin@keele.ac.uk.

Computer Science

The School of Computing and Mathematics was established over 40 years ago and is recognised today as being at the forefront of Computer Science education and research. 

In Computing we offer both Single Honours Computer Science and Combined Honours Computer Science courses, with the Combined Honours course allowing you to study Computer Science with a second subject. We also offer Computer Science courses with an international year or a work placement year as well as an Integrated Master’s (MComp).

The School prides itself on the quality of its staff. We have a strong commitment to providing educational programmes with high impact and value, and a number of staff are nationally recognised for their teaching as Fellows or Senior Fellows of the Higher Education Academy.

For any enquiries please contact scm.admin@keele.ac.uk.

Athena Swan