UK Charitable Status

The University of Keele (trading as Keele University) is a charity but it is not a "Registered Charity".

Instead it holds charity status as one of the exempt charities listed in Schedule 3 of the Charities Act 2011 (An exempt charity enjoys all the tax exemptions and other benefits of a charity, but is exempt from certain requirements, notably the need to register with the Charity Commission) The University preserves its exempt status under the Charities Act 2006 (which will require certain other exempt charities to register) and the Office for Students (OfS, formerly HEFCE) is the University's principal regulator.

Although the University is not a company, it has a Companies House registration number of RC000655 as a Company Incorporated by Royal Charter in England and Wales. Royal Charter companies are not obliged to register any documents with Companies House.

The University's registered correspondence address is:

Keele University,

The University of Keele was established by Act of Parliament and the granting of a Royal Charter in 1962. Prior to this, the University was founded as the University College of North Staffordshire in 1949. The following link provides the content of the Act, Charter, Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations.

The University Council is the supreme governing body for the University. Current details on the roles, responsibilities and membership of the University Council can be accessed by clicking here. For details of the Trustees of the University, the members of Council and their biographical details and listing of other charities that they are Trustees of, if any, are available here.

The University produces annual financial accounts for the organisation, copies of which can be accessed here.

The University has also produced financial information on its activities for current and prospective students.  This information can be accessed here.


Please contact Fiona Dumbelton for further information. Tel. 01782 7 33373.