The University enters into a wide variety of contracts, dealing with research, enterprise, teaching and learning matters (“academic contracts”).

Before signature by an authorised University signatory, all academic contracts follow a formal review and approval process. This helps the University ensure that:

  • the University’s (and our partner’s) obligations are clear and achievable;
  • the University has an opportunity to assess and manage any risks that might arise from the contract;
  • and the terms of the contract are appropriate for the work being carried out.

Academic contracts are reviewed and approved by either senior Faculty administrators or the Academic Legal Services Team. This will depend on the complexity of the contract.

If you require the University to enter into an academic contract, please see the “Who to contact” tab on the left for information about how to take this forward.

Please note that the review and approval procedures described in this section only apply to academic contracts. If your contract deals with any of the following areas, please follow the procedures of the applicable Directorate.



Property / space-related matters

Estates and Development

Employment matters

Human Resources and Student Services

Procurement matters (i.e. funds going out of the University)

Finance & IT (Procurement team)