Plain English and Accessible Writing

Making Our Regulations Accessible

One of the aims of the Regulations Review Project is to make sure our University regulations and policies are written clearly and in a style that is easy understand. To ensure this happens a guide has been developed to help regulation owners and authors when developing and redrafting regulations. This guide is also applicable to other documents such as policies, codes of practice, communications and all items that fall within the Policy Framework Document.

'Plain English-ing' in Action

The Plain English Workstream has begun work on redrafting a select number of regulations that require a writing style review. To give you an idea of what a 'plain English-ed' (or accessibly written) regualtion is like, please take a look at this Visa and Immigration example. You can download here a document containing the Visa and Immigration Regulation 6 as it is currently written and a document containing a draft copy of a plain English version of this regulation.