Regulations Review 2017-2019

Throughout the academic years 2017/18 and 2018/19 the University, led by Academic Services, will be conducting a review of its regulations. The review is a large scale project with a core aim of producing a leaner regulatory framework which is not only fit for purpose, but accessible to students and staff alike. The project will bring together and be conducted by staff from across the university in addition to consulting with students to ensure that we get the best end result. 

Why are we doing the review?

It is good practice to review regulations regularly and this has been done at Keele, with individual regulations being reviewed in turn. However, we believe it is now time for an all-encompassing review that will ensure that our regulations provide a cohesive framework that reflect our student and strategic focuses.

What will the review do?

The review has three core activities: 1. Developing a coherent framework for regulations, policies and other documents such as codes of practice. 2. Establishing an agreed set of drafting guidelines which provide clear instructions for writing regulations (and other such documents) in a clear and accessible language. 3. Redrafting existing and writing new regulations (where necessary) to ensure that our framework covers the whole university journey.

A key part of the project will be consultation with students and staff, particularly in relation to (re)drafting regulations - we are eager to hear from you if you would like to be involved!

What is the timeline for the review?

Running from September 2017, the review is set to be completed by the end of the academic year 2018/19. The timeline of the review is as follow:

  • September 2017: Project members begin work on developing a framework which will be presented to Senate in March 2018
  • November 2017: The Plain English Working Group (PEWG) begin work on drafting guidelines for writing regulations in a clear and accessible work which will be presented to Senate in March 2018
  • March 2018: The PEWG begin applying the language guidelines to regulations which need an accessibility and clarity check but no other substantial review
  • Spring/Summer 2018: Existing regulations, polices and other such documents are migrated into the new framework structure which will be approved by Senate and go live
  • September 2018: Working parties form and begin work reviewing existing or writing new individual regulations
  • September 2019: All regulations will have been reviewed and updated.

News and Project Updates

  • February 2018, the Plain English Workstream completed the 'Keele University Accessible Writing Guide' (available in PDF)
  • March 2018, Senate formally approved the 'Keele Academic Regulations and Policy (KARP) Index' and the Policy Framework Document which had been developed by the Framework Architecutre Workstream

What are the KARP and Policy Framework Document?

  • The new Keele Academic Regulation and Policy (KARP) Index and a Policy Framework Document have been approved by Senate for implementation.
  • In developing the KARP Index and Policy Framework Document we have been able to refresh the types of regulations and policies in operation at the University. The KARP Index is made up of only academic policies and regulations. All University regulations will now be academic focused, with all non-academic governance documents being categorised as policies, codes of practice, guidance etc. 
  • The KARP Index provides a new organisational structure for our regulations and policies. These will now be organised into the following sections:
    • Section A: Student Pre-Arrival
    • Section B: Student Rights and Responsibilities
    • Section C: Academic Programme Regulations
    • Section D: Assessment, Progression and Achievement
    • Section E: Quality and Standards
  • The Policy Framework document sets out consistent standards for the development, approval, publication, communication and review of the University’s governance documentation.

New Regulation Titles and Numbers

When the KARP Index is implemented the regulations will be available on the website with new titles (where they have changed) and with the new numbering system.

To support members of the univeristy in becoming familiar with the new titles and numbers we have created a helpful guide of looking up the new regulations using their former title and/or number. You can find this guide here.