Students’ Unions of Keele University

The University has two students’ unions, Keele University Students’ Union (KeeleSU), which serves all students, and Keele Postgraduate Associate (KPA), which is a union dedicated to serve postgraduate students.

All students will automatically become a member of KeeleSU upon enrolment with the University; postgraduate students will also become a member of the KPA.  Students have the right to opt out of this membership at anytime by notifying the union(s).

Both Unions are independent organisations registered with the Charity Commission. 

The full-time elected officers in both unions are members of University’s committees including Council, Senate and Student Voice Committee, along with many sub-committees, working groups and consultation groups.

The University is committed to its partnership with the Students' Unions. A copy of the Partnership Agreement can be found here.

The University and its unions comply with Section 22 (Students' Unions) of the Education Act 1994, which is available here.

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For more information please click here.  To view Ordinance C1 - Keele Students' Union please click here

To view the Education Act KeeleSU Code of Practice click here.

Charity Registration Number:1173328.

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Keele Postgraduate Association (KPA)

For more information please click here.  To view Ordinance C2 - Keele Postgraduate Association please click here

To view the Education Act KPA Code of Practice please click here.

Charity Registration Number:1143888.

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Advice and Support at Keele (ASK)

For further information on the Student Unions' Independent Advice and Support Centre please click here.

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Student Services

The University’s Student Services Centre is the main source of advice and information about what support, guidance and activities are available to students within the University.  For further information please click here.


Students dissatisfied with their dealings with either of the students' unions, should address their complaints directly to KeeleSU/KPA. If students remain dissatisfied, after exhausting the union's complaints procedure, then they may address their complaint to the University, as outlined within the Ordinances referenced above.

KeeleSU and KPA Complaints Review Procedure

KeeleSU & KPA Complaint Review Request Form