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Schedule of Business 2019-20

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Dr Katie Szkornik  Chair of Faculty Education Committee
Prof Jonathan Wastling  Executive Dean
Dr Steven Rogers  School of Geography, Geology and the Environment
Dr David McGarvey  School of Chemical and Physical Sciences
Dr Ed de Quincey  School of Computing & Mathematics
Dr Julie Hulme  School of Psychology
Mr Glenn Hussey  School of Life Sciences
Dr Jon Cope  Foundation Year Centre
Ms Mari Chappell  KeeleSU Education Officer 2019/20
Mr Currie Agyeman  KPA Vice-President 2019/20
In attendance  
Ms Georgina Spencer KIITE Academic Development team
Ms Kizzy Beaumont KIITE Student Learning team
Mr Daryl Kerr KIITE Learning and Technology
Mr Paul Cartwright    Faculty Business Manager
Ms Sarah Roberts Quality Assurance Officer and Secretariat


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