Learning and teaching, enhancement of programmes and the student experience delivered in the Faculty.

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Professor Tim Lustig          Chair of Faculty Education Committee
Professor Shane O'Neill Executive Dean
Dr Ian Atherton School of Humanities
Dr Jon Herbert School of Social, Political and Global Studies (Semester 2)
Dr Lara McMurtry School of Law
Dr Akrum Ekara Helfaya Keele Business School
Ms Martina Wallner Language Centre
Dr Natalie Soleiman  Foundation Year Centre
Ms Mari Chappell KeeleSU Education Officer 2019/20
Mr Currie Agyeman KPA Vice-President 2019/20
In attendance  
Ms Angela Rhead KIITE Student Learning 
Ms Cat Hallam KIITE Learning and Technology Officer
Ms Carol Hough Faculty Business Manager
Ms Sarah Roberts Quality Assurance Officer and Secretariat


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