Education sub-committee

Terms of Reference

  1. To oversee the development, implementation and review of the University’s Student Access and Advancement Strategy;
  2. To consider and review the progress of all student groups across the student lifecycle, including outcomes on access, student progression and success;
  3. To consider and review the outcomes of student access and advancement initiatives, taking account of data reports;
  4. To monitor value for money in respect of student access and advancement initiatives, ensuring they have a positive impact;
  5. To review external policy developments in respect of Student Access and Advancement Sub-Committee;
  6. To be guided by TEXSO Sub-Committee to follow recommendations for action to deliver innovative approaches;
  7. To inform the Education Committee regarding emerging academic risk and identifying appropriate remedial action where appropriate.
  8. The Committee will have regard for the promotion of equality and diversity and will ensure equality of opportunity in the way it conducts itself and in the transaction of its business.

Membership, Powers and Procedures

Constitution (11 members)



Associate Director for Employability and Employer Engagement (Chair)



Pro Vice-Chancellor (Students)



Director of Student Services



Head of Student Recruitment Marketing



Head of Higher Horizons+



Deans of Education



Head of Careers and Employability



Faculty Business Managers



A School representative with relative experience of working on the Race Equality Charter 



A School representative with experience of widening access for mature students



At least one officer of KeeleSU and/or the KPA


In attendance

Representation from HR (where appropriate)



Secretary: a representative from Student and Academic Services



(c)   Sub-committees


 (d)   Principal management information needs  

To be determined by the committee

 (e)   Frequency and timing of meetings 

Normally four times per annum

 (f)     Quorum

In terms of quoracy there must be no less than 40% of the voting membership present at each meeting.

 (g)   Chair’s action  

Between ordinary meetings the chair shall have the authority to act on behalf of the committee on any matter requiring a decision prior to the next scheduled meeting where the business does not merit, in the view of the chair, the convening of a special meeting. Any action taken by the chair on behalf of the committee shall be reported as chair’s action to the next meeting. Prior to taking chair’s action, the chair should consider whether it is appropriate to discuss the matter with other members of the committee or to circulate details electronically to give members the opportunity to comment on the proposals.